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My Demon Romance

Hell Bent - The Prequel

A romance writer and a demon from Hell. What could go wrong?

Eligos is bored. He’s a powerful Duke of Hell tasked with manipulating deceitful humans to claim their souls for the underworld, blah, blah, blah, but all he cares about is escaping the eternal monotony that is his life.

It’s not until he meets the lively, passionate Natalie, who writes love stories about misunderstood monsters, that he finds himself intrigued by something for the first time in centuries.

Though it jeopardizes his carefully-laid escape plans and puts him in the sights of Hell’s dangerous Hunter, there’s no way Eligos can resist her.

But he’s supposed to be the villain in this tale… and villains don’t get happy endings, right?

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My Funny Demon Valentine

Hell Bent - Book One

Asmodeus, Prince of Hell, just wants to play music. Jazz, specifically.

Unfortunately, he’s a demon, and he’s supposed to be evil. A career as a musician isn’t exactly an option.
And he’s cursed, to top it all off.

Sick of playing by the rules, Ash and his brothers escape Hell in search of freedom on Earth, only to discover it’s harder than they thought to keep their enemies off their tail. The four rogues quickly become the Underworld’s Most Wanted, and if they’re caught…
The consequences will be dire.

Everything changes for Ash when he meets a beautiful violinist who can see through his curse. It must be too good to be true, but he can’t resist the temptation.
No matter the risk, he has to have her.

Evangeline Gregory is just your average human. She works at a jazz bar, plays gigs on weekends… And, apparently, hallucinates demons.

At least that’s what she tells herself happens when, moments after she meets the man of her dreams, she sees him shift into a seven-foot-tall, red-skinned monster.

Not believing her own eyes, Eva decides to investigate and soon finds herself caught in the middle of a supernatural clusterf**k of epic proportions. But Ash isn’t the only one keeping secrets, and the search for answers reveals a shocking truth that will change the course of her life forever.

Or maybe just doom it.

Explicit scenes, including sex in demon form. Violence, blood, gore, profanity.


My Demon Hunter

Hell Bent - Book Two

The hunter shall become the hunted… 

Enslaved to an evil demon queen, Mishetsumephtai has only ever served one purpose. He is the Hunter, the one who drags the guilty back to Hell. 

But tasting freedom has changed him, and for the first time, Mist questions his duty. The human female he meets, who smiles at him with no idea what a monster he is, draws him in, and he’ll do anything to possess her.

But his reprieve was always temporary, and before long, his cruel mistress demands he return to Hell. If he disobeys, he will pay the price with pain or even death. Yet he can’t relinquish the woman whose scent calls to him like nothing he’s hunted before. 

…And the timid shall become the fierce.

Since the death of her parents, Lily Donovan has tried to forget what she is. But denial is not an option when everything she’s been running from turns up on her doorstep. Chaos comes in the form of a man with unusual tattoos and beguiling amber eyes…

A man who may not be a man at all.

Suddenly, Lily’s weaknesses become her greatest strengths, and she must learn to embrace them if she’s to save herself and her Hunter.

Even if she shouldn’t trust him. Even if he’s supposed to be her enemy.

Detailed explicit scenes. Tail play, size difference, primal instincts (“mine,” biting), sex in demon form. Violence, blood, gore, torture (not between MCs), profanity. Themes of parental death, slavery, grief, trauma. Plus-size FMC with body image issues.



A Slice-of-Life Short Story

Mist and Lily pay a visit to Eligos and Natalie. Can the Hunter make a new friend or will he just solidify an old enemy? 

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Demon With Benefits

Demon With Benefits

Hell Bent - Book Three

They can run from their demons…

The jokester of the demon brothers, Meph wears his grin like armor and uses humor as a mask. But lately, his composure has been slipping, especially around her. Iris. The blue-haired witch with a vicious temperament. Something about her soothes the darkness within him…but he’s not looking for a savior.
There’s no such thing for someone like him.

…But they can’t hide forever.

Bitter and haunted by her traumatic past, Iris Donovan isn’t keen on welcoming demons into her life—even if they’re her sister’s friends. Especially not teasing, tattooed Meph, with his red eyes and devilish smile. After a toxic relationship, she’s sworn off commitment, and she’s not looking for another Mr. Damaged.
Yet she can’t stop craving what she shouldn’t want.

To conquer this monster…they must tame it together.

With the return of a deadly enemy, the pain they’ve been suppressing is exposed, and Meph and Iris can no longer deny their feelings. Before Meph is swallowed by his darkness, Iris must overcome her fears and embrace that terrible part of him…
Or lose him forever.

Explicit scenes, including half-shifted sex and foreplay with a freaky long-tongued monster with a skull for a face. Violence, blood, gore, imprisonment, (not between MCs), profanity. Themes of parental death, grief, abuse, trauma.

Guardian Demon

Guardian Demon

Hell Bent - Book Four

A demon with a forgotten past…

Raum is the quiet one who rarely smiles. He’s felt numb since Heaven wiped his memory as punishment for crimes he can’t remember. His only relief comes from his penchant for theft and his unusual connection with animals. That is until he crosses paths with a beautiful angel who traps him with the worst kind of blackmail…

An angel searching for redemption…

A loyal servant of Heaven, Sunshine is fighting to regain her rank and redeem her shameful past. Tasked with retrieving a grimoire from Hell, she binds Raum into her service with an unbreakable contract. He must help her navigate the underworld or lose everything he holds dear. But her ruthless plan backfires when she finds herself drawn to him like a moth to a flame…

A forbidden desire… Giving in means sacrificing everything.

The rivalry between demons and angels is ancient and deep, yet it can’t extinguish their scorching attraction. But when hints of Raum’s past finally come to light, a web of deception and betrayal is revealed that changes everything…

Graphic violence, blood/gore, themes of past trauma and PTSD, depressive thoughts/moods, explicit sex scenes in human and demon form, including size difference and a “ribbed for pleasure” peen.

BatD Ebook Cover

Beauty and the Demon

Hell Bent - Book Five

In this story, he’s the villain, not the hero…

Murmur, the nefarious Necromancer, is losing his mind. His army of souls screams in his head, and his dreams are filled with bone-chilling visions of his approaching death. But a villain always has a plan, and his will unleash a torrent of destruction unlike anything Hell has seen before…
But for his plot to succeed, he requires one final ingredient: the blood of a certain headstrong witch, who quickly becomes a complication he never saw coming.

This heroine can rescue herself…

Suyin, leader of the Montreal coven, hides her dread beneath a tough exterior. Unusual abilities she can’t explain are taking over her life, and she’s haunted by ominous dreams.
Her fears are realized when she’s captured by a demon with bloodshot eyes and a scorpion tail. Murmur plans to leave her in his dungeon, but Suyin has no intention of making this easy for him. Bargaining with demons is dangerous business, but she’ll do anything to survive.

Enemies may become lovers, but fate has other plans.

Forced into close proximity, things begin to shift between Suyin and her captor. But as the Necromancer’s machinations reach a pinnacle, he is faced with an impossible choice: achieve his master plan, or free the woman who resurrected his dormant soul.

Graphic violence, blood/gore, explicit sex scenes with demon in his demon form, light bondage scenes with ghostly hands, FMC is captured and imprisoned by MMC

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